How to join

Becoming a Freemason is quite straightforward.

Under the regulations of the United Grand Lodge of England, all candidates for Freemasonry must be ‘mature men of 18 years and over’, and have a belief in a Supreme Being.

In addition to this, by-laws of the Old Reptonian Lodge, No. 3725, requires all candidates to either be Old Boys, members of Staff (past or present) or individuals who are deemed to have a close personal association with the school.

Any eligible individuals who are interested in joining the Lodge would have the opportunity to meet some of the members socially. Usually, spouses, partners and other non-masonic guests are invited to the Autumn meeting, held at Repton. For further information please contact the Lodge Secretary.

If you are interested in becoming a Freemason in general, but are not eligible to join the Old Reptonian Lodge, you can find more information on the United Grand Lodge of England’s official website by clicking here.

There is not currently an Old Reptonian Lodge for former girls at Repton. Any Old Girls interested in joining freemasonry should make enquiry with the Order of Women Freemasons in London.